Our Go-To Dog Jacket!

The Summit Parka jacket, made by Hurtta, is absolutely my new favorite jacket for Chipper and Quinci.  It is my favorite for so many reasons, I am not even sure where to begin.

Quinci began using the summit parka first, as she gets cold in anything below 80 degrees!  She wears it for camping trips, late night or early morning hikes and just when lounging around outside in the evenings.  The fit is perfect.  Long enough for her silly body, with an adjustable waste belt so it can fit nice and snug as well as a cinch to tighten around her neck to keep out that cool air.  Quinci is even comfortable running, jumping, digging and being a total terrier in the summit parka.  It allows complete freedom of movement.  The jacket covers her vital organs and muscles, to keep her body toasty warm.  It is waterproof, while being warm and cozy on the inside.  The summit parka has everything I was looking for in a jacket, for my tiny, active, short-coated Quinci.


I soon realized I needed this jacket, for Chipper as well.  While he doesn’t get cold as easily as his sister – he still has a very short coat and could use it on cold evenings when camping.  Chipper has the seasonal Orange color.  This is perfect for my boy.  Chipper has a tendency to follow his nose and ears a little too often, and when camping, the BRIGHT orange makes him easy to spot – even at night, with it’s high reflectivity.  The summit parka fits Chipper like a glove.  He wears it whenever we go camping.  It is even light and compact enough to take backpacking.  We recently spent 5 nights backpacking in Paria Canyon.  This jacket was his best friend on those damp and chilly evenings.  The long back and high neck keep his nice and toasty – which means I don’t have to try sharing my sleeping bag with a 50lb pup!


To put it simply – the Summit Parka is absolutely my go-to jacket for the cooler seasons.  Hands down.

To sum up why:

  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable, yet snug fit
  • Great coverage, to keep their vital organs and muscles warm
  • High visibility, reflective
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Adjustable
  • Extremely warm
  • Well made

I would recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a cool weather option.  Whether it’s for hiking, camping, backpacking or just a chilly night at home.  The summit parka is versatile, comfortable and stylish.  Do your best friend a favor, this winter, and pick them up this jacket.


To find out more information, sizing and pricing you can head on over to



Happy Trails,

Katie, Chipper and Quinci


2 thoughts on “Our Go-To Dog Jacket!”

  1. The summit parka wasn’t my favorite for Chester and Gretel because it doesn’t fit Chester and Gretel’s weirdly shaped bodies as good at the Torrent rain coat and Ultimate warmer but I still really like it. it’s like it’s a favorite but the other two are super favorite, favorites. Ha, ha. I can’t image finding something I like better for our adventures.

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