DOG – The must have item, on your next backpacking adventure!

Why, you ask?

Well – when backpacking – it’s important to pack as little as possible. Just taking the essentials, is the key to success!

westclearcreek (60)(@trustyourtrail via Instagram PC: @goldentrailz)

Below is a list, of a few of the reasons, why Dog acts as the most essential item to put on your backpacking list……

  1. Firewood Collector DSC_2010_wide (@robinventures via Instagram)
  2. Garbage Disposal IMG_5135(@mirandashea24 via Instagram)
  3. Security System IMG_8455(@captain_shark via Instagram)
  4. Dishwasher aspenspring-1 (10) (@trustyourtrail via Instagram)
  5. Someone to test the temperature of the water DSC_0365(@indiegramz via Instagram)
  6. Drinking BuddyFullSizeRender(@goldentrailz via Instagram)
  7. Electric Blanketaspenspring (7)(@trustyourtrail via Instagram)
  8. Photographer

    (@remdawg.the.tripawd via Instagram)
  9. Alarm ClockDCIM107GOPROG0864349.(@laducb via Instagram)
  10. Someone to laugh at your jokestooktenticefields2(@domcarson via Instagram)
  11. Morning Yoga PartnerIMG_4799(@trailswith4tails via Instagram)
  12. Story Teller DSC_0581(@izak_the_aussie via Instagram – PC: @dustydesertdogs)
  13. Travel DoctorIMG_8414(@west_coast_heeler_pack via Instagram)
  14. Constant Encouragement20160711_161553(@trustyourtrail via Instragram – PC: @dustydesertdogs)
  15.  And last, but not least…… Comic Relief! saltriverbackpack (47)(@trustyourtrail via Instagram)

Happy Trails! And don’t forget to pack those tails, on your next backpacking adventure!



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