Dirt, Dogs and All Wheel Drive


It’s official….I’ve joined the club… cult, clan – whatever you want to call it.

And I couldn’t be happier.



I have only owned my Subaru Crosstrek for 6 days now.  So I obviously can’t provide a long, thorough and in depth review of the pros and cons of the car.  However, I can say that – I LOVE MY NEW CAR!  And I feel very encouraged by the fact that every single person I talk to who owns a Subaru has nothing but rave reviews about their current or pass Subarus!

This is the first new car I have ever purchased.  It was a very important decision, to purchase this particular hunk of metal.  I wanted to make sure I was getting the perfect car for my lifestyle.  Realistically speaking – the Subaru Crosstrek is my dream car!

Why, you ask?

  • High ground clearance
  • All wheel drive
  • Reasonably good gas mileage
  • Dependable brand
  • They’re cute!
  • The price was right
  • High safety rating
  • Roomy interior
  • Back seat folds flat for the dogs
  • Hugs the road
  • Supposedly runs forever!

Let’s be honest – the list could go on and on, but I wont bore you with every single reason I fell in love with the Crosstrek.

But not only did the car have a million redeeming qualities, the customer service did as well.  I purchased my Hyper Blue baby at the Subaru Superstore in Chandler, AZ.  From the minute I walked in, I felt like family.  They were welcoming, informative and helpful – without being pushy and overbearing.  They listened to my needs, and did everything they could to help me find the perfect match for me and my mutts.

After deciding on a car – the entire purchasing process was a breeze.  I had an amazing team of guys helping me along: Seton, Morgan, Antonio and Brent.  Each one did all they could to make sure I was getting everything out of the purchase, that I wanted and needed.  They answered any questions I had, and addressed all of my concerns.  AND I walked away with an awesome new t-shirt, keychains and Frisbee and ball for the dogs.

Prior to beginning this car search, all I would hear is “Be careful!”, “Take a man with you.”, “They’re going to try to rip you off!”, etc.  This was not the case.  I never once felt as if they were trying to take advantage of me, or my money.  I was able to negotiate a reasonable price and an incredible interest rate – great credit does go a long way with this one.  But, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the process of purchasing a new car.  And I do not think that is a common response.  I strongly believe it has a lot to do with the way Subaru, and the Subaru Superstore especially, handles business.  They treat you like family, they want you to walk away happy.  Not only that, but they invite us to come back – and even welcome the dogs to join me when I bring the car in for check-ups and servicing.

My amazing friend, Tami (@livinthecrazy), also spent the day with me at the dealership.  She enjoyed the car, and the Subaru company, so much – that 3 days later – I sat with her through the process of buying a Crosstrek, as well!

The day after I purchased my car, I took the dogs on a day trip up north, to Payson, AZ, to test it out on some dirt roads and hit the trails with the dogs.  I just couldn’t wait to get behind that wheel.  I was even happier than I expected to be, while driving it.  It drives beautifully, the dogs were so comfortable in the back and the gas mileage didn’t make me cringe while accelerating up the mountain roads.  Success!

I can’t wait to go on so many more road trips, vacations, camping trips, explorations of new places and more – in my perfectly blue Crosstrek, Hyper!

Oh ya, did I mention that I named him Hyper?  Couldn’t help it, I name every car I have ever owned.  #noshame

Next step – accessories! Cross bars, basket rack, stickers, dirt, dog fur and more!

cloudySR (4)


Katie, Chipper and Quinci



Don’t Judge a Mutt by it’s Appearance

Have you ever had people cross the street to avoid your bully breed?

Have you every had someone come running up to your dog, attempting to pet, hug or more – without asking your permission first?

I’ve had both of these happen, too many times to count.

Let’s start with the Breed discrimination. Something I deal with far too often.

sunsetdutchman (17)

Chipper is a rescued, bully breed.  His exact breed is unknown.  However, based on appearance and personality traits – I believe he either has a touch of Staffordshire Terrier, Pit bull or Boxer in his DNA.  The rescue he was adopted from, had him labeled as a Rottweiler, so it’s really impossible to know for sure.

Chipper is a gentle, kind hearted, dog-friendly, child-friendly happy go-lucky dog.  He has been since the moment I brought him home.  Chipper has never aggressed another dog – even when he is being bullied.  Chipper does his best to navigate each situation so that it has a positive outcome.  He does have a tendency towards arousal (over-excitement) – which can lead to him pulling on the leash or jumping on someone to gain their attention.  But, at the end of the day, he is harmless and the kindest dog I know!  How did I ever go so lucky, to get the worlds most friendly dog?!

However – the most common reaction I get, when walking Chipper, is people avoiding him.  He can be behaving beautifully, walking at my side, and people will go out of their way to avoid coming to close to the bully breed.  While he doesn’t have as square of a jaw, or as stalky of a body as most bullies – the fact that he is mostly black with a slight bully appearance is enough to deter many people.

Not only this – but his appearance can lead to difficulty in finding housing.  The BSL is such a frustration.  If only they would take the time to meet Chipper – they would immediately be taken aback by his sweet and playful demeanor.

My heart aches for my boy, who wants nothing more than to share kisses and beg for pets (and maybe food) from each person he meets.  But in the end, it is them that is missing out on interacting with my sweet, kind-hearted boy.

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the coin…..

bushnelltanks (69)

Quinci is an itty bitty 10lb dog. Most likely a Terrier/Chihuahua blend.  I often go back and forth between thinking she has Jack Russell Terrier or Rat Terrier in her.  While the rescue had her labeled as a Min Pin mix!

I adopted Quinci after she was rescued from a, slight, hoarding situation.  It was believed that she may never have even been able to leave the room that she was kept in.  While in foster, with a friend of mine – before I was able to bring her home – I was informed that she would only eat, sleep and potty in the bedroom, never wanting to leave it.

Quinci was 10 months old when she came in to my life.  From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I was the human for her.  She crawled in to my lap and stole my heart.  She was terrified of life – everything from unsuspected noises, people passing by to leaves rustling on the ground.  In the next few months of her life, I did all I could to socialize her, grow her confidence and expose her to new and exciting things – all while providing countless amounts of positive reinforcement.  I won’t go in to too much of the behavioral development of dogs – but in short, Quinci missed almost all of her prime socialization time.  These months occurred in the time she was in a hoarding situation.  Unfortunately, much of the damage that was done, was unable to be reversed – meaning Quinci is a fearful dog, this fear comes across in the form of defensive barking and sometimes aggression.

Which leads to the point of the blog.  Don’t judge a mutt by it’s appearance.  Just because Quinci is a small, adorable, happy dog – does NOT mean she is okay with strangers approaching her.  She is not comfortable with strangers approaching, attempting to pet, looking her in the eyes or even attempting to sweet talk her.  Because of her background, she needs the time to gain her confidence and approach on her own time.  It is amazing the amount of people that rush to meet her without first asking permission, especially young children.

Growing up, I never imagined I would have a dog that did not love attention from humans.  It is a challenge. Everyday. But I know that I am providing her with the best possible life.  I have found what works for her, and do my best to set her up for success, whenever possible. I love my girl.



So, in the future, please take in to consideration that every dog is unique and different.  Their breeds do not define them.

  • Take the time to ask each pet parent if you are allowed to pet, before approaching.
  • Teach your children how to appropriately approach a dog
    • Approach slowly
    • Don’t stare the dog in the eyes
    • Don’t approach from above
    • Allow the dog to sniff their hand, before attempting to pet
    • Be gentle and quiet
  • Give each dog and pet parent the benefit of the doubt, before judging
  • Don’t judge a mutt by it’s appearance!


I would love to hear your about your experiences in the comments!

Thanks friends- Katie, Chipper and Quinci